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Gia Carangi


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awww! Original Sin was right, Gia is my fave ever :heart:

yeah I had the 'Self-Destruction' DVD, it's really good. I recommend it. There are some clips on there i hadn;t seen of her. i could post a million pics tonight but i dont have time since i am back at college :(

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thanks sahteene. I can't see the pic, but Gia-Carangi.com doesn't allow hotlinking, so I can't even try to display it. That is one of the best Gia sites around nowadays, since I don't know what happend to 'Simpy Gia by George'.

if anybody is interested, here is where you will find almost every pic of Gia










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I was looking at some of Gia Carangi's stats and after having been on Fashion Forums for a few weeks they were so different to the stats you guys have been posting for models today. Her height was something like 5ft8" (apparently though it was an inch less -Wilhelmina just massaged the figures cos they liked her) and her weight was about 120lbs. Compared to the sky high Tiiu for example that seems so bizarre. I know 5ft8" is meant to be cut off point but other than the remnants of the 80s gals like Kate Moss, more realistically it seems to be 5ft10". It is not even that people are getting universally taller -Americans are on average getting shorter because of the poverty they have there. Europe is the only continent that is slightly growing.

I was wondering whether people think we should be getting back to the 70s style of models in terms of a more normal height and weight. Even their faces were more everyday or 'girl next door'. Gia didn't have the razor sharp cheekbones of say Yasmin Warsame or the brows of Anouk Lepere or the eyes of Trish Goff. At first I was like what is the fuss all about then her face grew on me. Janice Dickinson was similar -prettier (I use the word pretty rather than beautiful because I can't quite get used to their faces -my idea of a model is obviosly very noughties) than Gia (a real freak show now though!) with a face that didn't blow you away with the perfection of the bone structure but then grew on you as something slightly cruel came through. They were typical 70s hedonists and I think it helped their work but then models today have such an insane level of beauty that maybe living the hedonist life isn't necessary to give their faces something -plus they will last a lot longer than Gia did. However, a lot of them seem dead in the eyes like Hana or Natalia V or Dewi -there is nothing in there.

It it such a huge step to go from Gia to Tiiu -from everyday prettiness to freakishly inhuman beauty. I wonder how it happened...

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