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David Miller

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David Miller


Q Model


Height: 6'1"

Place of Origin:

Capetown, So. Africa

Meet David Miller

Money making David Miller has been that wholesome face featured in stunning ad campaigns for clients ranging from Valentino to Ralph Lauren to Tommy Hilfiger (whew!) South Africa's hottest new export sat down for a hot second with MODELS.com's glamour puss Jacqueline Couppe de Ker Martin and boy are we happy he didn't charge us his day rate. Now meet the man all the designers are booking left, right and center.

How did you get your start in modeling?

A: I was actually scouted on school grounds in Capetown during prom night. The person came over to my house, told my parents what it's all about & one thing led to the next and I came overseas.

You started modeling in South Africa, not in NY?

A: Yes, I did it part time there, started out with the agency Storm.

How long have you been in NY?

A: Into my third year now, it's been a great experience.

Do you like NY?

A: Yes, a very unique city. I've been in many different places cause this business gives me opportunities to travel & see the world. There's so much traveling involved, it gives you a first hand education to learn things you can't get from reading books. One day you're in Paris... back to NY the next day, then off to London. Seeing Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, checking out Hollywood... so it's definitely a great business to be in.

Favor any particular place?

A: Well home, Capetown cause that's where I'm from. I do enjoy traveling, like meeting different people, learning new things...mmm, don't really have a favorite, so I guess home is the best.

How about your editorial work?

A: I've been very fortunate getting to work with great photographers like Bruce Weber, Peter Lindberg, Patrick Demarchelier, Dah Len...I shot a dance story with Karl Lagerfeld in Paris which came out in French Elle, it was very exciting! I had to work with a professional dancing coach brought in from L.A..

Do any runway?

A: I recently did the shows in Milan & Paris for Ralph Lauren, Gorgio Armani, Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier. Jean-Paul Gaultier was really exciting, and so energetic! Vivienne Westwood's show as amazing as well. Backstage - there's so much going on, everybody's running around, back and forth, then when you get out on the runway, the atmosphere is relaxed, everybody in the audience is sitting there watching you. When you get back, there's like 3 dressers changing you, putting on the next outfit & pushing you back out, all while they're combing your hair, fix your clothes, tying this--doing that. So much excitement. I guess that's why I like doing shows as much as,well, I think I enjoy them all. There's certain things special about doing shows.

Moving around so much, do you lose touch with friends & family?

A: I carry around a laptop computer so I keep in touch with my family via the internet, E-mail. The wave of the future!

Any hobbies?

A: Snowboarding, surfing, though there's not much surfing in NY (laugh) so I go snowboarding a lot. I try taking plenty of photos so I can show my friends back home cause they're always asking me what's it like since it don't snow in South Africa.

Ready for 2000?

A: At this moment, things are so fast I can't even see ahead. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow (laughter) so for now, I'm taking it one step at a time, go with the flow.





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