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Commodore 64


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Aah... I remember my childhood when I used to play video games on that...


I still have it, and I think that it's a very underrated machine (and forgotten, above all). The games were fun and extremely playable... I also used to write simple programs in Basic (computer language). What's also very cool about C64 is that it has a pretty complex sound processor (of course, when you think of technology in the 80's).

I will never get rid of my 'Commie'.

More info on this wonderful machine:

Wikipedia -> Commodore 64



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c64 was my first computer, but i used it more for programming than gaming.

that said, i used to love california games (especially surfing for some reason). i had a couple of cartridge games too, "wizard of wor" seems to be the only one i can still remember.

i had a line printer and the clunky floppy drive (LOAD "*",8,1, anyone?). and do this day i still sometimes hit <shift>+<2> when meaning to enter double-quotes.

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i used to have a Commodore-Amiga 64. it was awesome at the time. i was 'da man' at Lemmings and Jack Nichlaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf.

Desert Strike was wicked as well until my joystick broke and i couldn't play it any more :cry:

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