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Cristina del Basso


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Cristina del Basso is 22 years old and she is one of the most popular contestants of the whole Grande Fratello (Big Brother) series along with Marcello and was voted through to the final by the public. In the final she landed 3rd place as the highest ranking female of the series.

Cristina was born on May 3, 1987 (Taurus) in Varese – Italy but she lives in Pavia and studies at studies Communication Sciences at The University of Pavia. When school’s out she lives with her parents in Como.

She is 173 cm (5′8) and weighs 53 kg (117 lb) and is currently single. With her brown eyes and black hair, she is a classical mediteranean beauty. At the age of 18, she underwent plastic surgery to increase her breast size from a D cup to an F. Cristina admits: “I love my breasts, and I love showing them off. I can’t do anything about it.”

Cristina del Basso first appeared on TV in the show/contest “Veline” where she made into the semifinals.

Cristina says she likes reading to ” raise above mediocrity” . Her “bok under the pillow” is The portrait of Dorian Gray because, in her own words” talks about beauty, about an entirely corupt society and being obsessed about something. I don’t have many obsessions, one of them is to always stand out” (in breast size anyway). She dedicates plenty of time to takeing care of her body, especially her hair.

With her impressive body, she resembles Jessica Rabbit – a real femme fatale, sensual and sexy: a pin-up body and very intelligent – explosive combination.

Cristina del Basso is keepeng her options open. Her TV career should be over after the end of the Grande Fratello (Big Brother) show but somehow we doubt that. She keeps everibody interested with calendaries and interviews. In any case all the stars are alligned so that she’ll get into TV or movies once he graduates. And from what we hear she does well in school.

Cristina is now single and talking about a future boyfriend she says: ” Has to be at least ten years older than me; He should be a man of principles, have values and know how to guide me”.

Cristina del Basso doesn’t believe a man and a woman can be just friends. Men always have an ulterior motive. And who wouldn’t be atracted to her?

She sees her participation in the Grande Fratello show as a chalenge to win. She says ” I was always against impositions. Living with unknown people can only help build my character”

More info: http://www.cristina-del-basso.com/


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