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Best wallpapers...


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Ok recently on the internet I'm finding a lack of good quality babe wallpapers...I've got a few of my own which I consider top quality and good shots for wallpapers and I will upload soon..

So here I aim to make a thread where people can post their fave./best wallpapers...obviously with some kinda' hottie on it...

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Ok seeing as no one is posting, I'll make another one..You guys probably can't use it coz I edited my name into it, but it is still a rad wallpaper. I made this when I went to a REEF show, and when I came back, I was suddenly all into REEF chicks, still am, hahahah!


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hey umar could u edit that wallpaper so it says a different name on teh back i love that wallpaper and would love to use it as my own.


Rock on dude, no problem, got your pm, pm'ed your ass back

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