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Willemijn Koppelman


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Willemijn Koppelman @ SPS (The Netherlands)

We featured her for the first time when she walked for Marni, was on the 1st of March and she was our

TMSRRE girl number nineteen. Things went very well for her since that beautiful pre-spring day and she's been working with photographers like Jonathan Segade in Paris (shots styled by Sara Bascuñán) among others. She's going back to the City of Lights ASAP and she's definitely ready to work on her book now. Ready to be a real summer stunner and we stay tuned for more fantastic updates. We don't only see potential in this girl from SPS Model Management, we also see a true model who knows how to use it. And if it's just the beginnings...

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Quote:Back to the other side of the ocean, back to the growing frenzy of New York and back to Dutch girls at the same time. Willemijn - can we call her one of our perennial personal favorites now ? - is making her debuts there with Women Direct one season after catching eyes and attention walking for Marni in Milan. Go your own way, take your natural path. Willemijn carries her edgy look everywhere with her - carry on. Her moody yet delightfully soft expressions were perfectly highlighted by Adrian Nina's camera (see the black and white shots) while her undeniable talent to make her marks in any atmosphere is a must see in James Mahon's naturally colorful shots. SPS keeps the good news coming. We keep smiling from ear to ear. mariemaud.canalblog

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