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I don't know if this is the right theme to post about it, but I think ,Bellazon, should be stricter !!!+

- Members should always post the Scoure of a picture !!!

- posts like, only a smile should be deleted, power posting, should be stopped !!!

- Therads should have the surame of a Model, if the creater know that

- And of topic discuses shouldn't be allowed in the Therads as well

- If you look for an ID of a Model, please ask in the Model ID Therad, here is the Link - Model ID

- Off Topic discusses for member should be here, and not in the Model Therads - Girls of Bellazon

- Comments about weight/boyfriends in the Model Therad shouldn't be a theme there. It's not nicely, to talk about things like that !


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To address them all one by one...

1. Don't know what a Scoure is, sorry :blush: .

2. :idk:

3. Yes it would be more convenient. But sometimes on agency sites they only give the first name for whatever reason. When the model becomes more well known maybe they'll learn the last name. But we can't forbid them from starting the topic necessarily, all we ask is that they at least provide at least brief stats or biographical information.

4. Could you expound?

5. This is enforced. New members have a tendancy to start topics in random places,

but once they are found we move them to the Model ID section

6. Could you explain?

7. TFS has outlawed all weight related discussion, but we don't have such a rule here as long as it isn't a direct insult.

Though I share your sentiment about model boyfriends (I don't have any more interrest in the subject of model boyfriends than I have in watching the grass grow :confused: ) , but for whatever reason most of the female users just like that type stuff :idk: .

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I mean with the scoure , if someone post an image/picture, this member should write the credit of this image for example :

the name of the agency from where the member has this picture. (Like Women Management)

OK. That's right often the agencies write only the first name. But if there is already the surname, we should write it !

I mean with off topic discusses, (I didn't notice yet here, but for the future) For example we are in Catherines McNeis's Therad and we there we should talk/write about her and not about things from us, and other models and another themes, we should talk about Cathrine there for example, that I mean with every Therad here.

Yes, I mean with off topic discusses that they should't be in the normal Therads, they should be in another one. For example in the Girls of Bellazon Therad. There the member can talk about themselves and in another one here, it's the same, the member can write about their live and so on. But these shouldn't be in the other Therads being.

OK. That's good. For the weight talk, it wouldn't be nice, if members would here talk about the models weight. Many Models are too thin and have much underweight and I think it wouldn't good to talk about it.


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Uhm, it's SOURCE, Kids, SOURCE! :hug:

But I agree, the source should be obligate.

And then I don't feel like the rules should be stricter here. I mean, THIS isn't TFS and as good as TFS might be, Bellazon was always more of a commercial and "fangirl" forum and I think it should remain open for everything. I don't think it's bad if there's kinda off-topic conversation in the threads. We always do find back to the topic anyway, it's not like there are pages and pages of off-topic discussions - at least not in the threads I'm in ...

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