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Toma Barkova

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Since she got rid of her braces, we heard she can't stop smiling. And we totally understand. Now, we would simply fall for a polaroid sheet of Toma with a huge smile upon her face. As far as we know, this might happen and we truly hope so but at this minute our latest love from Toma's portfolio is her new test by

Maxim Repin. Styled with the help of James Tinnelly's very own bag of clothes. With Maxim's ability to capture a model's attitude and turn it into an atmosphere, this new chapter suits her whole story and follows the same line. Strengthening Toma's place as one of our all-time favorites.

If hearts have their own reasons to beat, they're still unable to speak and some facts in Toma's early career speak in their name and for themselves. From the most promising girl at Avant Models in Moscow to one of the F/W 09-10 Jil Sander girls, from the moody kid to the poised young lady... every single detail of her story has its own weight and seems to benefit from her limitless will. Toma is passionate and gives hundred percent to her work, so easily and naturally. Just as she was carefully playing a serious game.

t1.png t2.png t3.png f0d90e40080370.gif

81a2ff40080371.gif e9b6b540080373.gif 6384fc40080376.gif


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