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Genre: Alternative Rap/Hip-Hop, Rap/Hip-Hop, Alternative/Punk, Crossover Rap/Hip-Hop, Indie Rock

Biography from Rollingstone.com

The Gorillaz' image may be cartoonish, but with artists like Del the Funky Homosapian, Dan the Automator, and members of Blur, Cibo Matto, and Tom Tom Club contributing, their music is anything but lightweight. Experimental in nature and obtuse in scope, the Gorillaz' sound melds Damon Albarn's sharp pop sensibilities with Dan the Automator's eclectic bass-heavy, beat-driven hip hop. And although the combination doesn't always gel, when they hit the mark, it's usually with a bull's eye.

Biography from launch.com

Conceived as the first virtual hip-hop group, Gorillaz blends the musical talents of Dan "The Automator" Nakamura, Blur's Damon Albarn, Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori, and the Tom Tom Club's Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz with the arresting visuals of Jamie Hewlett, best known as the creator of the cult comic Tank Girl. Nakamura's Deltron 3030 cohorts Kid Koala and Del tha Funkee Homosapien round out the creative team behind the Gorillaz quartet, which includes 2-D, the cute but spacy singer/keyboardist, Murdoc, the spooky, possibly Satanic bassist who is the brains behind the group, drummer Russel, who is equally inspired by "Farrakhan and Chaka Khan" and is possessed by "funkyphantoms" that occasionally rise up and provide some zombie-style rapping, and last but not least, Noodle, a ten-year-old Japanese guitar virtuosa and martial arts master. The group's website, www.gorillaz.com, showcases Hewlett's visuals and the group's music in eye- and ear-catching detail. Gorillaz debuted in late 2000 with the Tomorrow Comes Today EP, which they followed early the next year with the Clint Eastwood single; their self-titled full-length debut arrived in spring 2001 in the U.K. ~ Heather Phares

, All Music Guide

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Gorillaz LP

01. re-hash

02. 5/4

03. tomorrow comes today

04. new genious (brother)

05. clint eastwood

06. man research (clapper)

07. punk

08. sound check (gravity)

09. double bass

10. rock the house

11. 19/2000

12. latin simone (que pasa contigo)

13. starshine

14. slow country

15. M1A1

16. left hand suzuki method

*contains clint eastwood (ed case re-fix)

G Sides


01. 19/2000 (soulchild remix)

02. latin simone

03. 19/2000 (wiseguys house of wisdom remix)

04. the sounder

05. faust

06. clint eastwood (phi life cypher remix)

07. ghost train

08. hip albatross

09. 12D3

album: "Demon Days" (2005)

Last Living Souls

Kids With Guns

O Green World

Dirty Harry

Feel Good Inc.

El Ma�ana

Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

November Has Come

All Alone

White Light


Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head

Don't Get Lost In Heaven

Demon Days

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Of course it's irrelevant who the real people are, but Dan the Automator isn't there on the new album. I believe Dangermouse has pretty much taken his seat.

I love stuff Blur does outside of Blur too. I obviously love Gorillaz!

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Pretty much everything [that I've heard] produced by Dan Auto is shit-hot. Deltron, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Dr Octagon, Nathaniel Merriweather etc.

Gorillaz are bloody great too, obviously, though I think I prefer the 1st album by a whisker.

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