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Shane McMahon


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Full name: Shane Brandon McMahon

Date of Birth: January 15th, 1970

Age: 35

Height: 6"2

Weight: 230 pounds

Resides: Greenwich, Connecticut

Family: Parents Vince & Linda, younger sister Stephanie, wife Marissa, son Declan James

From the moment that he was born, it seems as though Shane McMahon was destined to become involved in the wrestling business. Being the only son of Vince and Linda meant that Shane basically immediately became the heir apparent to the wrestling business like his father, grandfather and great-grandfather before him.

At the age of 11, Shane worked at Cape Cod Collosseum, which was owned by the McMahons. It is also where Titan Sports and the WWF were "born". Shane worked on the clean-up crew, cleaning up after events and rock concerts. When he was 12, Shane graduated to the inside crew and a year later the McMahon family and their company relocated to Connecticut. Shane then went to work in the warehouse in Stamford, packing orders and stacking boxes. When he was 14 or 15, Shane got a job as a labourer for a brick mason and did that for a few summers. An interesting fact is that Shane actually helped to build his parents house.

As well as his summer job as a labourer, Shane was also interning at the WWF headquarters in the marketing department. In 1989 he started on the ring crew, travelling around the country and setting up before live events. The night of the event Shane would referee, ring announce, or do whatever needed to be done. In August 1998 Shane debuted as a colour commentator on Sunday Night Heat, but soon realised his talents would be better utilized in other areas. Late in 1998 Shane began his first major storyline, ending with a heel turn and the infamous screw-job of Stone Cold at Survivor Series.

Shane attended Boston University and earned a BS in Communications and Public Relations. He is now a full-time employee at Titan Sports and works out of the Stamford Headquarters. He is the President of New Media, heading up the internet division and overseeing the wwf's website, wwf.com. He also contributes to creative storylines and continues his work as as on-screen talent.

Shane has impressed and surprised many people with his in-ring wrestling ability. He's trained hard over the years to improve his skills and he's showed on more than one occassion that he's willing to put his body on the line to entertain the fans and do risky moves that even some of the seasoned veterans wouldn't dare try. He has executed a cross-body on the Posse off the top of a steel cage, been thrown off the stage and through a table by Triple H, been chokeslammed through the announce table by Undertaker and performed many so-called 'leaps of faith' - leaping from the top rope and elbowing people through the announce table.

At Summerslam 2000, Shane took his willingness to put his body on the line to the next level. During his match with Steve Blackman, Shane climbed up the side of the Ovaltron and then after a shot with a kendo stick to his back, Shane stunned the crowd by falling backwards and landing with a sickening thud. My heart was in my throat at that point and it remains the single most amazing thing I've seen in the WWF. After that no one could possibly doubt Shane's courage or heart.

Just when I thought Shane couldn't top that Summerslam fall, come Backlash 2001 he once again proved his courage and willingness to put himself on the line to entertain the fans. He climbed to the top of the entranceway and executed an elbow drop on the Big Show from an unbelievable height. Once again my heart was in my throat and I literally feared for Shane's life. When I saw him climbing up there I knew what was coming, but I was still in utter disbelief when he took that leap. It was amazing.

Shane's most impressive and courageous in-ring performance came at the 2001 King of the Ring in a street fight against Kurt Angle. It was popular belief that the match they put on outshone the main event, and I have to agree. Angle is one of the best wrestlers in the world and Shane stood toe-to-toe with him and impressed with not only his wrestling skill, but as always his tremendous courage. He was dropped on his head on the concrete floor, suplexed and thrown through glass and left a battered and bloody mess. It was the most brutal match I've seen Shane involved in but also the most amazing.

After a long absence from WWE television, Shane made a huge return to Raw mid-2003 in order to defend the honor of his mother, Linda. After attacking Kane, Shane ended up in a feud with Eric Bischoff, which concluded with a match at Summerslam, where Shane walked away the winner. His feud with Kane then heated up, and again Shane put his body on the line in his attempts to defeat the big red monster. The feud ended with an ambulance match at Survivor Series, where Shane ended the night in the back of an ambulance, and hasn't been seen on television since.

Since that last match, Shane has again been spending his time focusing on the behind-the-scenes side of the business rather than appearing on television. There were also personal reasons for his absence, with his wife Marissa giving birth to their first child. Bottom line, Shane is an amazing on-screen persona and his ability as an in-ring performer has been well proven, and hopefully he is ready to make a return to WWE storylines in the near future.

Shane just continues to amaze us all and I believe that he has earned the respect as a superstar in his own right, not just a McMahon. He's proved to everyone that he has a huge heart, a ton of courage, and of course that McMahon attitude and fighting spirit that we all know and love. I truly hope that this website is a fitting dedication to the man we affectionately call Shane O'Mac.

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Yeah, that Shane McMahon is one handsome guy! lol (Hey Ash!) Just thought I would share some love as it seems he's not so popular over on this board lol.





Dunno if you've seen this one yet Ash but I made it ages ago and never got to use it lol. Tried to keep pics in mind that would be highly approved of!



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