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Georgina Hobday

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The teenager whose party was a model career move... as she's set to be the 'new Lily Cole'

By Richard Simpson

Last updated at 5:15 PM on 12th February 2009

It was her party and she cried because she wanted to.

But the girl whose 16th birthday celebration was wrecked by 400 gatecrashers when she advertised it on Facebook could end up smiling after all.

Georgina Hobday has attracted the attention of leading model agency Storm, the firm behind the careers of Kate Moss and Lily Cole.

Storm also has Cindy Crawford, Emma Watson and Peaches Geldof on its books. Perhaps a lucrative modelling contract would go some way to helping pay for the £5,000 damage caused to Georgina's £1million family home when her Facebook party got out of control.

'We've been in touch and had a conversation with Georgina,' said Paula Karaiskos from the Storm agency. 'From the photographs I have seen, she just looks really photogenic. 'She has the long red hair of Lily Cole, so there are bound to be some comparisons. 'But I do think she has quite a different look. She looks like a quintessential English girl.'

Georgina, a pupil at the £8,394-a-year Brighton and Hove High School, had organised the MTV-style My Super Sweet 16 party last month for around 100 friends.

But within an hour of the party starting, the house in Brighton was 'invaded' by members of the so-called Facebook Republican Army. The uninvited guests rampaged through rooms, smashed up furniture, burned woodwork with cigarettes, turned the garden into a mudbath and smashed shed windows at the four-story townhouse. During the fracas, in which four adult bouncers were brushed aside, 12 police cars turned up and the house was wrecked.

Georgina's parents Michael and Sylvia, who had gone out, returned home to find the uninvited guests had run riot. Mrs Hobday said at the time: 'It was an absolute horror show. When I left there was no alcohol in the house. I'll never have a party for my daughter here again.

'She had no idea who most of the people were and they were rampaging through the house. 'The garden has been ruined, the grass is just mud, people were walking through the pond and I heard one boy was trying to headbutt a mirror. 'My front garden was full and some people were climbing up the balcony and trying to get in through the windows.'

Of Georgina's Facebook notoriety, Miss Karaiskos said: 'It can be useful that she has already been in the newspapers. But that would not necessarily be a guarantee of success for her.'

A scout for the Storm agency recently contacted the Mail asking for contact details for Georgina after details of her nightmare evening were published.

Asked if Georgina has a future with the agency, Miss Karaiskos said: 'When we have properly looked through her photographs, we'll give her another call.

'What we do is arrange to meet Georgina, have a chat and take some Polaroids and if there is further potential there on either side, then we arrange to do some more professional shoots for her with a testing photographer. 'Then we slowly build up her portfolio and we tailor-make her career with a strategy to suit her. 'It depends very much on how she photographs in a professional way as to which type of clients would be interested. We would chose those clients quite carefully and we take it from there.'

from sethii at tFS

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