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Angelina Jolie


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:D for them she always has :)

agree!Because of a big jealousy,people say sth.She is so succesful and an actress has an Academy Award and so many others,so so so beautiful and a perfect wife and mother....Of course there is so much things to write about Angie,not at all so she is always target for jealous people.I love you Angie,you are number one for me and for millions of people like me... :heart: :heart: :heart:

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i love Angie but maybe she really has i mean Paxton's biological mother is a drugs user and now is blackmailing Angelina, don't you think it's enough material for some troubles ? :blink:

I understand you but the event you tell is different I think and we don't know it is true.I mean people sit and say sth about her and her family every time.I am bored these nonsense news.She is so special,she is unique :wub: :heart: :drool: :heart:

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:ridinghorse: :weightlift: :persuazn:

yah people are definetly pretty gulable.

...but you dont know what gossip is true either....for all any of us know angie could be crack smokin manic depressive who uses her her little kids for wild sex parties with her and brad :ermm: (just a theory...no one sell this story to the tabloids)......(unless you'll cut me in for it) :laugh:

Yes,I can cut you :ridinghorse: :weightlift: :persuazn:

Of course joking :) Actually we say same things because I try to tell people not to believe some news they don't know true or not :ninja: :)

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hate her or not she seems to be happy !!!

i ve stopped buying mags with even 10 pages of her in them... i dont understand completely the whole selling pics procedure,but still it does make some sense to me..if they dont do it..then some lucky pap will make the first pics and put the money in his own job....so since they sell the very first for very good prise the next will be just small patatoes... I dont get how 20 papz can hung on the trees and do the very same pic and each of them gets money..?! whats the point??and in the mags they print those pics a month later...we have seen them for free everywhere in the web and still ppl are like ohh and aww....

however i like her..i like what she turned to be :)

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