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Dogs In Hats!


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It's been a long cherished hope of mine to start this topic. As I've discussed with friends on here - some threads seem so inane and I wonder how they become so popular? Some languish in obscurity and some are discussed but never see the light of day... NO MORE! DOGS IN HATS! is finally here. Surely destined to be more popular than the VS lingerie section of Adriana Lima's sub-forum (though I'd be wise not to put money on that), DOGS IN HATS! combines those two wonderful things: dogs AND hats...

Ever since man domesticated the dog and he became our best friend and loyal companion - we have looked into his eager eyes and thought: "He'd look funny in a hat". And that he does my friends, that he does.

People often say "Oh, but he likes it really" - I'm pretty damn sure he doesn't. But he wants to make YOU happy. And you're just taking the piss.


But to hell with any hand-wringing on here. Please post pictures of DOGS IN HATS! And, if they somehow do look happy about it, then you can go ahead and fool yourself that everything's OK then - and that inside he's not crying...

And, in trying to expand how we interact with Bellazon, I propose that you view this thread whilst listening to the following music. Much like 3D and Smell-A-Vision - gimmicks designed to lure people away from that new-fangled TV and back to the cinema in the 50's - tried to do; I thought it might add an extra dimension to your enjoyment of this topic.

Anyway - here is the music:

Ignore the graphic (it's just the album cover) - just crank up the sound and enjoy DOGS IN HATS!

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Fergie :rofl:

Poor dogs.... but you know what's worse?? 2 days ago I saw a few photos of... rabbits in hats :|

^You mean like this?:



Oh no :pinch:

What I mean, is that these rabbits had hats on their heads :p and they were wearing something poncho-like, too :|

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i have to admit it, baron... i have a soft spot for chihuahuas and

when i saw this pic you posted

i diid squeal in delight :ninja: :blush: :rofl:

^I'm glad you liked it. You see, I told you one fine day DOGS IN HATS! would come to pass... (And I love the doggy weave!)

These then, are - unashamedly - for you my dear:





And if this one doesn't just SCREAM penny-dreaddfull - then somehow I've misjudged you!!!


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them nunz is BITCHES!!!! :rofl: omg.. thanks for my chihuahua onslaught... im squealing and giggling at the same time

my tum-tum is starting to hurt :rofl:

heres some gems i found

this is 'cheerio and damn those muckrakers' dog

and this one is..... bob marley 'Craven Choke Puppy'

Craven a go choke puppy

Craven a go choke puppy not

Craven a go choke



(wow wow wow wow)

So you want all for yourself


(wow wow wow wow)

And you don't think about the other man


wow wow wow)

Let me tell you my friend if you gonna live this life


wow wow wow)

It's not good for you to build strife

Craven a go choke


Can you dig it

(wow wow wow wow)

Want all lose all


wow wow wow)

Then I know the wicked must fall

(wow wow wow wow)

I say

want it, want it can't get it

(wow wow wow wow) oh no,

And get it, get

it, no want it

(wow wow wow wow)

Oh that's why i say

Craven a go

choke puppy

Craven a go choke puppy now

Craven a go choke puppy


can you dig it (wow wow wow wow)

Oh yeah (wow wow wow wow)


craven dog will lose his bone

(wow wow wow wow)

The craven dog


wow wow wow)

The craven dog will lose his bone


Grafting after

something else


They'll take it for themselves



They don't think about the other man


The old

time people say, want it, want it can't get it


2z4e59u.gif 2lkzade.jpg
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