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Honey Lee

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Name: Lee Ha Nee

English name: Honey Lee

Birth date: 2nd March 1983

Birth place: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 5'9 (1.75m)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Black

Pageant titles:

Miss Korea 2006 - Winner

Miss Universe 2007 - 3rd Runner-up


Lee Ha Nee (이하늬) is a Korean Graduate student and gayageum player who represented her country at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant in Mexico City.

She is an educated girl and she loves languages. She is interested to learn at least 4 foreign languages. Honey Lee wants to become a university teacher- a noble goal. She also wants to be a cultural ambassador for her country, Korea.

Lee competed in the 50th Miss Korea pageant, where she won. She graduated from the Seoul National University, with honors, after taking up Korean traditional music. She is currently a graduate student in the same university.

Miss Universe 2007

To prepare herself for the pageant, Lee flew to Los Angeles and stayed there for three days, practicing walking, speaking and Korean dance. Many believe that Miss Korea's interpreter did a poor job by translating her last sentence as: “I wish I had superpowers so that my wallet would never dry up”, while in reality she said “I wish I had superpowers so that my wallet would never dry up, so that I could always keep on helping other people." Many believe the meaning of her answer was indeed dramatically changed.

Lee was dubbed as a strong contender for the crown. As an early favorite, she won the popularity contest of Global Beauties. She was favorite to win the crown along with Venezuela. She made it into the Top 15 and ended a nineteen-year drought for her country. She ended up being 3rd runner-up.


Lee plays the gayageum, a Korean zither-like musical instrument.

Lee has always wanted to be engaged in missionary work.

For all the contestant's entrance (in the Miss Universe 2007) wearing their national costumes, Lee wore the female hanbok (the national costume of her country) reminiscent of the style of the recent 2006 KBS drama Hwang Jin-i. She was also carrying a janggu with her when she wore her costume.

She was named by www.globalbeauties.com as "Face of the Universe", "Best National Costume", "GB Ms Universe 2007", "Best in Interview", and "Best in Evening Gown".

She is currently involved in volunteer work for UNICEF, Compassion and World Vision.

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