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moshing songs


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i was at a party on friday and when the stereo was left unattended me and my friends threw on some 40 below and american head charge and started a pit. we're going to have another party like this and i threw up the idea of having a time dedicated to moshing cus they had a rave part with a crapload of techno....so i need a list of good songs to mosh to. so far i've got:

dropkick murphys- baroom hero

mudvayne- dig

mudvayne- not falling

mudvayne- under my skin

mudvayne- determined

mudvayne- end of all things to come

metallica- whiplash

deftones- elite

slipknot- wait and bleed

slipknot- spit it out

fear factory- h-k

fear factory- edgecrusher

fear factory- body hammer

american head charge- loyalty

american head charge- pledge allegiance

40 below summer- F.E.

40 below summer- minus one

pantera- cowboys from hell

pantera- mouth for war

pantera- domination

lamb of god- now you've got something to die for

static-x - push it

static-x - bled for days

slayer- angel of death

slayer- raining blood

slayer- death's head

motorhead- ace of spades

murderdolls- mother fucker, i dont care

children of bodom- follow the reaper

children of bodom- bodom after midnight

i need some more children of bodom on there but i dont know any of their really good thrashing songs....so any help would be appreciated.

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Slayer - Dittohead :evil:

Fear Factory - Demanufacture (and some other tunes from that album)

...also, try some System Of A Down (bloody most of their songs), Mastodon (Blood And Thunder?) or Dillinger Escape Plan (any song).

Ah, and don't forget Sepultura! Refuse/Resist or Propaganda, for example.

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eh we ruled SOAD out because its not consistently fast enough compared to the other songs on the list, plus most of the chicks that will be there love soad so pretty much the whole crowd would stop to sing "everybodys going to the party" if we play byob....gah.

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Lamb of God-Laid to Rest

Lamb of God-Now You've Got Something To Die For

Lamb of God-Black Label (for the wall of death)

Hemlock-Weak Man Suicide

Hatebreed-Empty Promises

Hatebreed-This is Now

Hatebreed-Burn The Lies

Hatebreed-I Will Be Heard

Hatebreed-Prepare for War

Pantera-Primal Concrete Sledge

Pantera-Fucking Hostile

Pantera-Revolution is My Name


Pantera-Strength Beyond Strength

Pantera-Suicide Note Pt. II

That's just off the top of my head...too many to name right now.

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