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Fu Zhenggang


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:shock: First time to see my name on the heading :shock:

I was just curious about him, but you don't need you dedicate to me :p

Anyway, thanks for starting his thread :laugh:

PS: What a smiley you used <_< :laugh:

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this thread was made to feed your curiousity. :whistle: I strongly hope that this will be my success at creating a male model's thread that will draw you in :bounce: and yes, that smiley is so perfectly suited to the way I feel about Fu, thank BZ's god that it's there :rofl:

:drool: (towards the pics where his face can't be seen)


post-3083-1237392595_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392644_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392654_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1237392664_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392677_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392688_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1237392697_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392710_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392720_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1237392732_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392745_thumb.jpg post-3083-1237392755_thumb.jpg


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