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AMD vs. Intel


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  1. 1. Who manufactured the CPU in your (most recent) personal computer?

    • Intel
    • AMD

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I'm sorry to all the die hards for not including VIA, Motorola, nVidia, or IBM but the purpose of this thread is to start a flame war between AMD fans and Intel fans.

Personally, I think anyone with a PlayStation 3 has one of the most advanced computers on the face of the planet (Yay for IBM Cell BE) however, this is just so I can get into arguments with Intel fans. With yet another somewhat disappointing release with the 45nm Phenom cores, I feel the need to argue and justify my opinion that AMD is superior to Intel.

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WOW.. I was going to take you up on this debate.. but all of my computers are AMD and event the dinosaurs run excellent. I had a Intel video card in one.. guess what .. I had to replace it a year after I bought it... hehehe

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Well in my opinion,i have both laptops one a Hewlett Packard AMD,and a Sony Vaio Intel Pentium,and for me both works at the same level but AMD have a better Core architecture so i can say for my experience with AMD is exellent,and no matter if it's losing on the benchmarks,for me AMD and in combination with Nvidia are perfect like i said i have both of them intel and AMD ,but AMD for me to select :yes:

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haha, a year ago to the day or even week ect I would have been willing to take you up on this debate... and won! :evil:

Haha, the fact of the matter is that I haven't checked or followed anything that's out on the component market since Jan 2008. I used to check Tom's Hardware, Hard OCP and AnandTech on a daily basis, then I just lost interest, or at least that obsessive interest. I just have no idea what's out there now. It's also hard to keep up XD

Though, I'm no Intel fanboy.

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Tom's Hardware is fishy to me. I find it hard to believe that they're not completely unbiased.

They never write reviews on Opteron vs. Xeon... always desktop CPUs or new Xeons vs. old Xeons.

They're still the best site around for checking benchmarks though... :(

But I guess you don't really need a review site to realize Opterons own everything. The top ten supercomputers are still dominated by Opterons. Roadrunner hit a petaFLOP almost a year ago. It peaks at almost 1.5 and the closest Intel rival doesn't even hit half of that. It's 50 times faster than Skynet.

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