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Video Recording & Capturing Programs

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I hope there istn another thread on this cause ill look like a dumb ass starting a new one

My dvd player plays videos that are burned on to a regular cd(not a DVD), but only certain formats, i was curious if there is a easy to use program to convert these video files to the files that my dvd player plays?

once again i appologize if this is in the wrong thread :( im not good at this forum thing

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As Avenger said, we need the file format of the videos to be able to help you. If they're home-made then I'd guess they're MPEG4/XVid/DivX which would mean you should be to import them into movie maker and export them as wmv. Don't know if that would help you.

And yes, this should be in Computers & Internet.

Thread Moved

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It's sounds maybe like you want vob files, which are the base dvd format. But as they mentioned above info on the file formats you are using and more clarification on the file type you want in the end result would be helpful.

Do you need to convert your videos into a format so that they are burnable back to a dvd?

If this is the case then you indeed need vob files. Or if you just want to burn "DVD" files to a cd so that they are more compatible with your player.

There are quite a few programs that can give you what you need. WinAvi will convert a few things into vob files, but it's very flakey, and I wouldn't suggest using it unless it's your last resort. It will also convert many other things such as, Avi/Vob/MPEG-->WMV & WMV/VOB/MPEG-->AVI & others, which might be useful, when converting anything. But as I mentioned above, it's really flakey, and doesn't like to work correctly most of the time.

You can also use, TMPGEnc DVD Author, to create the DVD files you need, it can give you the dvd structure, which you need to create a playable dvd, or you can just take the files it gives you and do whatever you like with them.

These programs aren't free though.

More info would help some.

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sorry im not good with this codec and video format stuff.... ill give u an example of a format that does play on my dvd player (in response to clarifing what im tryin to do is to use a CD not a DVD and play videos on my dvd player with that CD (that i burned on the cd) (some dvd players dont even play those burned Cd Vids, for somereason mine does, i also did have an apex dvd player that did that also)

i click on properties of my Video that does play on my dvd player, and it says Type of file : MPG File. there might be some other formats that do play on my dvd player, but im pretty sure that kind of file plays... and with my collection of videos, i have alot of different kind of formats, Avi , Mpeg 3 ,4 i dont no them all, like i said im very uneducated in this video format crap. WHY cant they all be the same format :(.... But yea so to restate the problem

:Im tryin to use a blank cd and burn videos on it (not a DVD - R ) and play it on my Dvd player. my dvd player plays some video formats but not all :\ .... MPG i think it is, if thats even what im suppose to be lookin at. So what im tryin to do , is to convert all these files to 1 type and burn them on a CD (not a dvd R ) and be able to play them on my DVD player, *some panisonic Piece of Crap*.

THanks for your help, sorry im not more Video format literate, so it might be hard to help :\ Appreciate everyone tryi nt ohelp me here :)


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I understand exactly what you are saying now. :)

Most dvd players will play your MPG video, so that is the format you will probably want to shoot for, but every dvd player will play .vob files as well, which are just dvd files. It can probably play .asf, as well as asx, wmv, so you probably won't have to convert those. The ones you will probably have to convert are going to be all of the Avi, as they are almost always encoded with DivX and XviD, which a majority of DVD players are unable to handle.

As I mentioned above WinAvi can do some of this for you, it can turn your DivX and XviD encoded vids into MPEG's and Vob's, but I would test them out afterwards, before burning them to disc, just to make sure they are all ok.

I would suggest maybe using something like TMPGenc, to convert your Avi's into MPEG format, I have never used it though, as I can't seem to find a crack for it, and don't have the money to actually buy it. :ninja:

Whenever I have to convert into MPEG, I end up having to do it the hard way if WinAvi won't work, which is, Use TMPGEnc DVD Author, to make it into a .vob and then take that into FlaskMPEG, to create an MPEG, as FlaskMPEG, does not support AVI conversion to MPEG directly. :rolleyes:

Before going through multiple steps, you should try WinAvi, it may work well for you. Maybe someone else knows of a much better MPEG converter, that will make this much easier, I can't seem to find any good ones myself though.

Spark mentioned Windows Movie Maker above, that will work fine too, as WMV should be able to be played on your dvd player, just like mpg and movie maker is somewhat good at not messing everything up when it converts. You might have to deal with some slight quality loss in your videos though, as WMV isn't known for it's quality output.

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*downloaded win avi and i dont no i dont think its working, i might no have set it up right... it says i get some error when im changing a avi to WMV so i dont no, i think i might be doing this wrong, maybe things i should do to set it up, etc... any instructions on how to use it without getting an error?

(sorry i am compeletely dumb to this video format stuff )


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That sounds like just the flakeyess of WinAvi I was mentioning above. It seems to do that to me just about every other time I try and convert anything with it. :/

If you have WinXP, I think microsoft offers Windows Movie Maker for free from their site, that should be able to convert into WMV, pretty much flawlessly.

I looked at that GraphEdit Spark. I had no idea what the hell I was looking at. :laugh: I guess that's where the "If you know how to use" comes into play. :)

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The Movie Maker is something I know nothing about, I never could find a version for Win2000, I could only find an XP version, which I can't use.

Maybe someone who has used it might be able to give you some pointers, not sure who here has it though.

I'm thinking, seeing as you don't need to edit anything, maybe you could just open up your video in Movie Maker, and then just save it right away, as the WMV . Probably want to save it as 700kb/sec bitrate or higher, so that you lose little quality, as long as size isn't too much of a factor, you could make the bitrate even higher if you want.

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Glad to be able to give some form of help :)

About the video and audio being out of sync, I'm thinking maybe this might be a conversion problem, between the mp3 audio (DivX & Xvid) and the MPEG audio, there might be some sort of loss, which your experiencing with the lag. Not quite sure how to go about fixing that. But I'm glad that you were able to get somewhere after all.

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