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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

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Mary-Kate Olsen, 34, is seen for the first time since she split from husband Olivier Sarkozy, 51, three months ago as she exits her NYC office building


Natural beauty: The petite fashion designer wore her long light brown hair down in natural waves as she appeared to have little to no makeup onRing update: It could not be seen if she had a wedding band on but it is not likely as she had a messy split with Sarkozy in May. On her right hand she had on a chunky ring on her middle finger



30623628-8511115-Back_in_the_spotlight_Mary_Kate_Olsen_was_seen_for_the_first_tim-m-70_1594402229133.jpg 30623632-8511115-image-a-57_1594401779741.jpg 30623634-8511115-Casual_look_The_34_year_old_actress_turned_fashion_designer_went-m-71_1594402238721.jpg 30624630-8511115-image-a-79_1594402947252.jpg

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Mary-Kate Olsen, 34, goes for the layered look during a solo coffee run in The Hamptons... four months after splitting from Olivier Sarkozy, 51

1440x2160_1_f164c8d7709eea3a6528f238ce3d52cb@2333x3500_0xac120003_11921191531598504495.jpeg 1440x2160_1_fe376c569a1013fe516df60ecb0b627c@2333x3500_0xac120003_6763395561598504483.jpeg 32424938-8667895-Don_t_sweat_it_Not_usually_one_for_sweatpants_Mary_Kate_wore_a_p-a-66_1598479364504.jpg 32424940-8667895-Dressed_down_Mary_Kate_Olsen_34_has_been_taking_a_breather_from_-a-67_1598479364517.jpg

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