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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


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Name Mary Kate Olsen & Ashley Olsen

Date Of Birth June 13 1986

Born Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

Height Mary Kate - 5'2 Ashley - 5'3

Before they could barely walk, the Olsen twins were already known across the land as the irresistible "Michelle Tanner" on Full House. At age 6 both girls became the youngest producers in the business. Milking the children's market, the twins established a virtual empire, producing several straight-to-video movies, interactive games and a full-length big-screen feature called It Takes Two. Now, Mary-Kate and Ashley have their own line of clothing, perfume, furniture & plenty more to add to their constant TV appearances.

Ashley & her twin sister Mary-Kate became the youngest self-made millionaires in American history before they were 10 years old, & they did it the hard way... they earned it. They were also the first twins to receive a Hollywood sidewalk star, received on April 29 2004.

The Teenage Moguls, have also recently taken full control of their Billion Dollar Media Empire Dualstar LLC a few years ahead of schedule by buying out the attorney who helped turn them into global icons. Ashley olsen has been involved in the suing of National Enquirer for $40 million USD in damages over a story alleging that she was involved in a drug scandal. The Olsen multimillion-dollar empire has placed them in the Forbes list of the World's 100 most powerful celebrities.

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I think that regardless of the fact that their identical twins, Ashley to me seems to be the better of them both.

She's really a very pretty girl, and some what more beautiful than Mary Kate. Maybe it's because she's blonde, i dunno. :whistle:

I've noticed her eye are a bit larger than Mary Kates. I really love big open eyes, but the girls sometimes tend to look very tired and worn out.






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