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Luke Guldan

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Name: Luke Guldan

Agencies: R&L Model Manageament, Elite Models Miami

Height: 5'11"

Hair Color: Dark Blonde

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Suit size: 40"

Shoe size: 10.5 US

post-27642-1232753466_thumb.jpg post-27642-1232752441_thumb.jpg

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i LOVE what hes wearing and the armor :drool:

oh bel, that's NOT armour :laugh: those are what football players wear to protect their shoulders but, yeah i have to agree with ya, i love what he's wearing too!! he has a fine look indeed!! :drool:

thanks for starting his thread, annie!! :hug:

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It is called body armour. Thats what I call it anyway when I go to get mine, I play football but dont look half as good as him lol...would kill for his body. Wonder if he will do anymore in that style, would be interesting to see an American Football editorial wouldnt it! :D

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I Love him!!! :drool: :heart:

post-27642-1232756246_thumb.jpg post-27642-1232756260_thumb.jpg post-27642-1232756301_thumb.jpg post-27642-1232756343_thumb.jpg

thanks for the pics, annie!! wow, that greenish-blue sweater looks so incredible on him!!! he's amazing....thanks again!! :hug:

I also love the fact that he's not one of those who are well-known in the fashion industry like will, andrew or mathias....his anonymity makes it all the more mysterious, which i love!! :wave:

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