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  1. Hi.. I know I'm late but .. happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day. kisses

  2. Although you're banned, you still have B-day =]

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. Ok screencapped a load of images from the new documentary on Merlin running on BBCthree right now as well. Also, thanks to Katie Mcgrath Source for the Radio Times scans. And now the Radio Times scans... And poor Morgana left in the dungeons
  4. From the new first episode of Series 2 Going to see if I can find a backstage video that was shown as well, hopefully.
  5. A new trailer, longer and with more action from the new Series coming out on saturday and a screencap from it of Morgana looking evil.
  6. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tv/a176930/qa-...nd-morgana.html Interview with digital spy on Season 2 about Morgana and Gwen...sounds awesome and they look awesome too.
  7. From Series 2 of Merlin, Episode 2 and 3
  8. Im very much looking forwards to Fashion Week now Taylor's new pics have given me a new burst of energy to look whats on offer. Rock their socks Mr Fuchs...rock them well.
  9. Thanks, hope you like any more pics I post. Pretty big one, sorry.
  10. Tv Choice Awards photos and video...thanks to Katie-Mcgrath Source.
  11. A bit of an interview with her... Interview with the Daily Mail Link And new photos of her from Merlin Season 2
  12. Some screencaps from her interview with other Merlin stars on T4 And some more from a photoshoot for a magazine and The Tudors.
  13. Some new ones... Some mature images
  14. Always got a good flow of pictures going here for Taylor...awesome
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