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Cellphone Issues


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:ninja: let's face it... cellphone companies are evil. Want to vent about you cellphone worries? do it here. :ninja:

This is cellphone woes annonymous.. tell us about your nightmare

I live in Canada and I'm a fido customer. I ordered an unlocked phone that is suppose to work with fido and it does. I put my simcard in and fixed the connectivity and everything is running smoothly except that the phone says it's roaming even though I am in my local area. No one likes roaming charges, and they scare the poop out of me.

I called fido and they said that there was no such thing as roaming fees with your sim card if you are within your local area (which I am because I live in the heart of downtown Montreal). They claimed that if my phone worked when recieving or making calls and the company name was on the phone's display then there isn't a problem. But still, they said they didn't understand why my phone would say it was roaming and they told me they didn't know if it would lead to roaming charges.

How does that make any sense whatsoever?

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