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Guest quasicartes

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Guest quasicartes
What`s on it? I don`t wanna download..

quasicartes I thought you said u hated her


I really love how she looks in this video! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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this is goooood sh!t :laugh:

WARNING!!! I uploaded this small video to yousendit, but be warned, it's best not to go to the site shown on the vid. I got suckered into going there. Not pretty. Unless of course you're 18+ :fun:

If anyone still can't figure it out, then gimme a PM and I'll tell you what kind of site it is ;)

Wassup - Superfriends

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I'm not sure what you're referring to.

Actually I have a vague recollection but nothing concrete.


It's not that much to download anyway ;)

then YOU can tell me whether it's the budweiser spoof ;)


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Guest quasicartes

Yes, it is.

Too many Bud spoofs.

I use to have the Superfriends, Grandma, genitalia (!!!), frog, energiser bunny wasssup videos.

I even got a hulllloooooooo video, spoof of wasssssup.

Instead of: "Ring!"

*answers phone* "Wassssup? "

"Oh, nuthin' nuthin'. Watching the show, having some Bud."

It goes: "Ring!"

*answers phone* "Huuuulllllllooooooooo?"

"Just watching the show, having some tea."

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yeh there are many spoofs around, now that I think about it...

haven't seen as many as you though...

but I like this superfriends one...

Wonder Woman has a very deep voice :rofl:

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