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you can nominate models, actresses, singers for qualities that you think she have: beauty, nice, funny, good model, godd actress, good singer etc....

so for model I need (if you nominated): vids for catwalk, pics for her runway show (most beautiful or famous), pics of editorial or/and editorials (most famous or most beautiful), vids for funny or pics , pics or vids for beauty (lips eyes face body...) and text vids or pics for legend..

for actress (if you nominated): pics or vids for beauty,vids showing her talent as actress (not more than 4), vids to show if she did good movie (not more than 4), pics or vid for funny, pics, vids text for generous.., pics, vids, text for legend...

for singer: pics or vids for beauty, vids of live (but real live not tv show playback) to show if she has a good voice or not (not more than 5 vids), vids of her videoclip to show best clips (not more than 5), and vids for best songs ( clip, live and playback tv show are good) (not more than 5 vids), pics vids for legend, pics and vids for generous, funny......

° for singer who are singer as 2dn job (like some actresses) any vids are good (playback tv show, videoclip) coz often actresses didn't sing in live...

Edit: good model (means her job good pics (edito, ads) or working with great photogrpaher, great shows,runway etc...

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so lisa, can you write for me the cathegories exactly? for exaple for isabeli.. i nominate her for good model. i can nominate her for which other cathegories?

it's free coz you choose the quality you think she have so for exemple for Isabeli you can nominate her for:


for a good model (you can choose best catwalk, best edito, best ads, pics with great designer with she worked or photographer etc....)

for funny person

for nice person.........

for best look....

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New list:

Anna J. : beauty:7,3, good model: 7,4, fashion style:6,9

Kim Noorda: good model, beauty: 7,5

Jeisa Chiminazzo : beauty:7

Simone Villas Boas : beauty: 7,6

Candice Swanepoel : good model, beauty

Nadine Coyle : good singer:7,2 beauty: 4,8

Kimberley Walsh : beauty

Kate Winslet : good actress:9,6, beauty

Raquel Zimmermann : good model

Bianca Balti: good model:8,2, beauty:8,5

Linda Evangelista : Legend:8,6

Julie Ordon : beauty:7,6

Gisele Bundchen: good model:9,5, legend:9,5 funny:8 beauty:7,6

Betty Page: beauty, legend, sexy

Claudia Schiffer: good model, beauty:8,1, look

Laetitia Casta : good model:8,7, beauty:9, actress, funny, look:7,3

Isabelle Adjani : good actress:8,1, beauty, singer

Vanessa Paradis : good singer, actress, beauty:9, funny, sexy, look

Sophie Marceau : good actress 8/10, beauty:7,6, sexy, funny

Brigitte Bardot : good actress, beauty:9,2, legend, sexy, look, funny, singer

Rianne Ten haken : beauty:8,1, good model

Maryna Linchuk : good model, beauty:7,7

Claudia Cardinale: actress, beauty= 7,5

Kate Moss - good model, Legend, beauty:5, fashion look:7,2

Natashy Poly - good model, beauty:7,3

Lily Cole - beauty

Ava gardner: beauty:6, actress

Rita Hayworth: actress, legend, look = beauty: 8,5/10

Lauren Bacall: beauty:7,5 actress, look

Marilyn Monroe: beauty:7,3, actress, singer, look, legend:9

valentina Zeliaeva: beauty:8,3

Isabeli Fontana for funny, beauty: 8,4/10, good model: 9/10, look: 8,5, nice: 9,6

Sharon tate: 8,4 for beauty

Ophelie Winter: good singer, beauty

Doutzen Kroes: beauty:7,1

Hana Jirickova: Beauty:6,4

Gina Lollobrigida: beauty:8,3, good actress

Sophia Loren: beauty, good actress

Grace Kelly: beauty:7,5

Audrey Hepburn: beauty:8,2, actress

Carla Bruni: beauty, singer:3,2

Chiara Baschetti: beauty:7,2

Emmanuelle beart: beauty:6,2, actress

Edita Vilkeviciute: good model: 8,5, beauty

Juliette Binoche: beauty, good actress

Monica Bellucci: beauty:7,5, good actress

Audrey Tautou: beauty, good actress:7,5

Marion Cotillard: beauty, good actress

Liv TyLer: beauty, good actress

Josie Maran: beauty, sexy, good model

Ines Sastre: beauty:8,3, good model

Inguna Butane: beauty:8, good model

Cintia Dicker: beauty:8, good model

Michaela Hlavackova: beauty

Romy Schneider: actress: 8, beauty:8,3

Penelope Cruz: actress:7,1, beauty

Bar Rafaeli: beauty:7,2

Ursula Andress: beauty: 7,6

Josie Maran: beauty: 8,6

Kylie Minogue: singer:5,8

Sasha Pivovarova: beauty: 5,5

Bette Franke:beauty: 7,7

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of course for isabeli!

for nice person for exemple vid or text who show that she is nice of course we don't know them personally but for exemple someone who gives money for association etc...

look it's clothes if she choose well her clothes!

so for good model: you send what you want: for exemple good editorial, pics she did, good ads she did...good shows (you can send vids too), you can send text (to explain with who she worked photographer, designer etc...)

if you nominate for beauty I take every pics (ads, edito...vids...)

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