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Francisco Lachowski


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i made cut a out,i mean these black and white shots


i'm loving all of this and i really appreciate you doing this zid

it's your hard work if you like you can submit it to fckyeahfrancisco ;)

loveorhateorlove already posted it on tumbler lol

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i can imagine lol

seeing all of this made my night,francisco has a way of making my dag/night whenever i see him :heart::wub:

he looks so tired in some shots,bb needs some rest.

lenz von johnston has a T.I for Men SS 2009 A. i hope francisco get a vid too lol

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i remember an intervieuw he had once stating that, he was in his 3rd year of high school

i felt so old when i read that lol,high school for me was 7 years ago hahah

maybe he does,we can atleast assume he takes english lessons because his understanding of english it better than his speech


i have to look it up the interview is in portugese


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well i just died lol :blush: :sex: :sex:

what is it with francisco in his undies lately (not that i mind lol)

thanks mauikane!

oh and zid i didn't find the intervieuw

but at the time of that intervieuw he was still in high school that's what i do remember

i have no idea if he still goes to school or not lol

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