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H.I.T. 5

Bboy TYS

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hehe did you know? each member in hit 5 has a favorite singer who is from DBSK. also their band name stands for Five Handsome Idol Teenagers hahahahaha.

china is coming back to the music scene in Asia. Chinese music back then was fresh. It was inspiration for lots of asian pop. Now new generation of artists are influenced by American and korean trends. Here's another new mainland chinese boyband I know. They are called Seventeen.


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H.I.T...I see :rofl: most of them admire Yunho the most, I've heard :p there's also a new boyband called Top Combine I think :blink: but I really don't care about other bands 'cause it's not the place to so... I can't get the song "Hit" out of my head :woot: :woot: :woot:

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mini-album "Say You Love Me Again" released on May :)

listen to the title song:

"Loneliness"(fast version MV) - fanmade :heart:


1. Loneliness (fast version)

2. Loneliness (slow version)

3. I Want You To Know

4. Say You Love Me Again

finally! I thought the day will never come *phew* :laugh:

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