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  1. Flajda


    Yeah, and I love Vince Tomas. He looks bad with his curly hair, but now....lofkuju nejvíc (in czech language).
  2. Oh, fantastic hair style
  3. Flajda


    I adore US5, they are better and better. That´s a pity that Chris left them. Old photos
  4. Flajda


    They are briliant, fantastic and HOT! The best is Richie....I´ve got topic about him here, so CY.
  5. Another else photos, enjoy!
  6. Why am I only one to love richie on Bellazon? <_< Another Photos!!!
  7. Richie is fantastic, i don´t know why do you prefer anybody else.
  8. Christopher Richard Stringini was born 28.11.1988 in Chicago. He was adopted and taken home to Wheaton by Robert and Kathleen Stringini and older brother Bobby when he was 4 days old. In his childhood he modeled and acted (he got his first big campaign at age 4). As a teenager he starred in the movie "Rule Number One" before he flew to Orlando, Florida for an audition for the German TV Show "Big in America" which searched for five young men to form a boyband. Manager Lou Pearlman was very pleased with him and so he became a member of the band "US5" Bez_n__zvu.bmp Bez_n__zvu.bmp Bez_n__z
  9. Richie Stringini is singer in US5. So HOT, SWEET and CUTE, Enjoy!
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