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Brandon Stoughton


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Brandon Stoughton

Agencies: Red Model Management (NY), L.A. Models, PMA Models (Hamburg), d'management (Milan), Maximum Talent Agency (Denver)

Height: 6'2"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Waist: 32"

Shoe: 11 US

Suit: 40 L

No wonder why Britney Spears featured this hottie in her latest video, "Womanizer" :drool: He's one of the hot faces at Red who's grabbing all of the attention.... :wave:



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I would have thought this guy�s career would have gotten a big boost since appearing in a Britney Spear video, but his portfolio still isn�t that big. Maybe in the new year we will see more of Brandon Stoughton. His eyes are killer. :drool:

yes, i totally agree with u, unlockedinferno....but i suppose just because he was in a huge vid like "womanizer", doesn't always mean a model will be huge....i believe nicholas lemons was in leona lewis's "bleeding love" vid, but it didn't turn him into a supermodel...sure, he's more popular than brandon, but his career isn't on overdrive, so to speak, in that every company is clamming to grab him up....so yeah, maybe in 2009 we'll see more of brandon...let's hope so, cuz i totally agree with ya in that his eyes are "killer" :drool:

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:drool: The Ralph Lauren ones are hot. Great when a man has some body hair don’t like it when a man is so smoothly cut (but you can't have to much hair either). :kiss: Thanks for posting.

:thumbsup: agreed!! and you're welcome, unlockedinferno!! and GamerGirl, thanks for the new pic!! beautiful!! :drool:

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Thanks for the new pictures robindie.

on his myspace page his status has said how he was heading to South Africa for a shoot so hopfully those pictures will come out soon as it was a few months ago that stauts was made, their was also a shoot he was having in Canary Islands, so hopfully aload more pictures soon.

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