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Emily Didonato

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I found an article about Emily's Maybeline ad....

Makeup giant Maybeline New York has just announced their new spokesmodel - the ravishing, up and coming 18 year old American beauty, Emily DiDonato. DiDonato, who was born and raised in New York, joins the likes of A-list spokespersons for the brand, including the infamous Chirsty Turlington, Julia Stegner, Erin Wasson and Jessica White, to name a few.

“Emily has an incredible aura; she is smart, strikingly beautiful and has a lovely outgoing personality. The moment my team and I met her we knew she was the one. She exudes a very natural, refreshing and unpretentious beauty which women around the world will be able to relate to. Emily’s very New York background, Italian and Irish, makes her inevitably so Maybelline! Emily has everything to make it big in this industry and we are proud to be the first cosmetic brand to support her.” said Cyril Chapuy, General Manager of Maybelline New York Worldwide.

Emily will make for debut for Maybeline New York in their Colour Sensational Lip Colour TV commercial and ad campaign which will launch this summer.




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Off of the Kensie site

post-7711-0-1446090041-83813_thumb.jpg post-7711-0-1446090041-8782_thumb.png post-7711-0-1446090041-92028_thumb.png post-7711-0-1446090041-93906_thumb.png th_1dc1c335600574.gif/monthly_05_2009/post-7711-0-1446090041-95859_thumb.png" data-fileid="3858507" alt="post-7711-0-1446090041-95859_thumb.png" data-ratio="68.84"> post-7711-0-1446090041-9935_thumb.png post-7711-0-1446090042-0406_thumb.png post-7711-0-1446090042-05917_thumb.png

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US Glamour May 2009

Eight ways to spice up your style

scanned by michelabella :)

post-11622-1242237018_thumb.jpg post-11622-1242237050_thumb.jpg post-11622-1242237073_thumb.jpg post-11622-1242237091_thumb.jpg

post-11622-1242237108_thumb.jpg post-11622-1242237139_thumb.jpg post-11622-1242237159_thumb.jpg post-11622-1242237184_thumb.jpg

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