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Kristen McMenamy

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Kristen McMenamy

(I can't believe she doesn't have her own thread!)

born December 13, 1966 in Easton, Pennsylvania

Height: 5'10" / 178cm

Bust: 34" / 86.5cm

Waist: 24" / 61cm

Hips: 34" / 86.5cm

She is famous for her unconventional, androgynous gender identity.

Her modelling career mainly spanned the years 1985 to 1998, when she worked for many of the world's top designers and international fashion houses (such as Chanel, Valentino and Versace).

She has also worked with many of the top fashion photographers, including Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Steven MeiselJuergen Teller, and Karl Lagerfeld.

Steven Meisel cited McMenamy as one of his favourite models of the 1990s, along with Stella Tennant and Karen Elson.

In 1994, she also modeled in a famous Gianni Versace advertising campaign featuring Nadja Auermann and Elton John, photographed by Richard Avedon.

In 1997, McMenamy, then five months pregnant, married the British photographer Miles Aldridge, a brother of the fashion model Saffron Aldridge. Their first child was born four months later. She has a daughter, Lily (born 1995) from a prior relationship.

Links etc.



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Wooo delightful posts thx A.

Yeah I remember Ms McM was a big hit with Chanel in the 90s.

She was really in demand from Mr KL! ;)

Hmm let me see what scans I can discover from my personal Chanel archive...

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im pretty tripped out that she didnt have her own thread either :blink:

heres my alltime fave pic of her

shot by peter lindbergh for american bazaar


i love how her dance experience makes her so much more aware of her body and one of the best posers of all time :wub:


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wow thank you K - what great couture image - I never saw that one b4! :wub:

...and thank you very much PD for that magical b/w shot - Mr Lindbergh really captured Kristen's unpredictable free spirit there! :yes:

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Interesting article about the career of Kristen and all the Supers.

kmm1th2.th.jpg kmm12nx8.th.jpg kmm2kp1.th.jpg kmm3ld5.th.jpg kmm4xt1.th.jpg

kmm5fs4.th.jpg kmm6kz0.th.jpg kmm7rm4.th.jpg kmm8hq2.th.jpg kmm9fx5.th.jpg

kmm10rj8.th.jpg kmm11mv4.th.jpg kmm12ui4.th.jpg kmm13oh6.th.jpg

my scans

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