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Gail O'Neil


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post-18834-0-1445988887-85498_thumb.jpgGAIL O'NEIL

May 1988 with Michelle Eabry

Gail O'Neill had successful modeling career that has taken her around the world. She has been on the cover of magazines like Mademoiselle and Vogue, and featured in advertisements for numerous companies as well as catalogues ranging from J. Crew to Nordstrom.


O'Neill started her journalism career as a freelance reporter for several television networks, eventually becoming a features correspondent for CBS's The Early Show. The opportunity to host CNN's weekly Travel Now series lured her from the Big Apple to Atlanta, where she currently lives. An avid reader, O'Neill's passions include cooking, film and theater.

th_20677_role_models-gabrielle_reece5famke_janssen7rachel_williams7mystee_becken-bach9gail_o15neil-ph.gilles_bensimon-elleUS-june1989-1_122_1185lo.jpgfrom http://www.thefashionspot.com/forums/f109/...imon-70530.html

Where is she? it is so hard to find info about her on the net. If anyone has scans of her, I would love to see them! :D

1986 British Vogue post-18834-0-1445988887-89191_thumb.jpg

"Gail O'Neil was a top black model back in the 80's. Many of you are familiar with her because of her TV show. I think she has a few more vogue covers behind her name. She also had a sister who modeled in the 80's." http://blacksupermodel.blogspot.com/

More from HFGL on the fashionspot:

th_22126_role_models-gail_o85neill-ph.gilles_bensimon-elleUS-june1989-10_123_1069lo.jpg th_22144_role_models-gail_o95neill-ph.gilles_bensimon-elleUS-june1989-11_123_453lo.jpgth_22148_role_models-gail_o00neill-ph.gilles_bensimon-elleUS-june1989-12_123_960lo.jpg


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