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For anyone who's never heard of Google Trends, it's a feature in which you can enter criteria that it plots the search volumes for back to 2004, displaying them in a graph for comparison, along with some other info you can click on the links and see. For BZ purposes, it can basically show you who is more popular than who, and I used the Angels as examples since people are always saying one is more popular than the other with nothing more than guesswork to back the claim up. But type in whoever you want.

I used Izabel as my "base number" (1) -- you need an account to get this feature -- since she ranks just a fraction lower than Selita. :ninja: So the numerical values beside each name represent the overall search volume relative to that number one. In other words, Alessandra has a 10, meaning 10x more searches have been done for her worldwide (you can narrow it down to specific countries or select certain years) than Izabel or Selita since 2004.

If a name has a common misspelling, you can include both terms with a "|" (verticle line), i.e. "Marisa | Marissa Miller."

And just ignore the letters in the graph (they correlate to news items).

Adriana 41.5 (ouch!)

Marisa 13

Alessandra 10

Karolina 3.5


Link: http://google.com/trends?q=adriana+lima%2C...=all&sort=4

(Adriana) - I put her back in to keep the graph scale proportionate

Miranda 3.5

Doutzen 2

Selita 1

Izabel 1


Link: http://google.com/trends?q=adriana+lima%2C...=all&sort=4

I hope I didn't screw any of that up. :laugh:

Google Trends

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