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There's also Xanga, which is pretty much the Asian thing when it comes to blogging, haha.

Also, Movable Type, not sure if that's just software or whether you can sign up and just begin blogging with it, but it's quite powerful/decent.

What sort of blog did you have in mind, though? I mean, without wishing to complicate a simple question, there is of course photoblogs, and YouTube is probably best for video blogs. I guess some people treat Deviant Art as a photoblog too. But I suppose most sites specialize in just text blogging and such.

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blogspot is one of the best sites for blogs the custom made skins they have at blogskins.com are truly beautiful, if you want an example of one, see the link in my sig

I use wordpress as well, it has a clean professional style to it which i like looking at and you can import posts from almost any site

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I am thinking of having a blog where I can just write stuff, be it about my boring life ( :p ) or whatever. Hm Christy, I checked out wordpress and I think its quite good :) Can you make the blogs private?

And thank you everyone for your replies :hug:

LiveJournal, LiveJournal, LiveJournal, LiveJournal, LiveJournal

:yes::D: :hehe::yes::D :hehe:

yeah you can make it private, only friends can view it, and you can password protect a post as well, i like the comment feature, very niice as well :)

I just have soo many blogs that i can't keep track of them :confused:


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well, i have a long history in blogging... i started when lj was just being arised, it was even invite-only back then (i still have this 'early adopted' account). since then i used to have many blogs on different services - blogspot/blogger, myspace, facebook, msn spaces, some local russian servers, and even such rarities as orkut and wallop.

for the time being i have a personal blog for general use, a personal personal blog for closest friends, and several themed public blogs (software/hardware, models, photographers, ad campaigns, etc).

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@ Vlam: Whoa, that is quite a lot but I have a themed one too. I have a deviantArt account and I have a blog there (as anyone would do) just to talk briefly about my life and also about the photos I've taken :)

@ Jorge: Will send you the link.

@Christy: Ohhhhh, you have wordpress...Hmm.....*wants link*

@Iren: LOLL!!! :hug:

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