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do u think that this girl is a model material


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And who says you have to have one of a kind looks to be a model? There are few models who's look is truly unique [not referring to beauty exclusively]. To say that the fashion industry is just overflowing with models whose look is strikingly unique for their own native country/ethnicity is a stretch. We all have a natural distinctiveness about ourselves and sometimes that, general talent as a model combined with being at the right place at the right time is enough. A lot of the models from Europe and Brazil that some people think are so unique are just unique to them because they've never lived there. Naturally we all have a distiveness that sets us apart and sometimes that may be enough. Sometimes it isn't, sometimes it is. You just have to take a chance and see. You need to be warry of scams and crooks though. Do your research and be careful about how you go about these things, especially when you are a young girl. Also, be warry of who you ask this question to. Not everyone who responds to these things has the person's best interrest at heart. There are two groups that are more harm than good A) Those that will say, "yeah, sure" no matter what B) Those who are just mean spirited about the issue and will assess unrealistically high standards as a result, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY THEMSELVES ARE PROBABLY THE FAN OF ATLEAST TWO OR MORE MODELS WHO AREN'T ANY MORE QUALIFIED BY THEIR OWN HIGH STANDARDS THAT THEY PIN ON ASPIRING MODELS. No matter what standard you can name (beautiful, unique, 5'9, good runway walk...) there will still be plenty of women who fit that description who are not and will not be models and there are many who don't fit that description who ARE models.

Back to the issue of these uniqueness there are other ways to be unique and distinguish yourself rather than having a face that is "one of a kind" in terms of uniqueness. You can have a unique runway walk, some unique trademarks, be great at inspiring the camera, a unique personality...But overall, it largely comes down to being at the right place at the right time. There are several models that I don't find to be attractive OR unique in ANY shape form or fashion. I'm not going to mention any names on the general forum, because dissing them isn't the point and I'm not saying they are ugly hags anyway, but you can PM me if you want the names specifically. As to models, there are also models who aren't tall, models with a subpar runway walks, models who make the same face in almost every picture and even some models who's only distinguishing factor is that they are pretty. What they all have in common is that they were at the right place at the right time and fulfilled some sort of need for that particular time and place. For some their distinguishing factor is that they are unique looking, but it isn't manditory. You may simply fulfill a void in a certain area and be at the right place to capitalize on it. Right now, Asian models in fashion IS a void, IMO. But whatever the case, those that are or were "model material" had something that stuck when they were at the right place at the right time. But as to the question, I like her looks, she looks tall, and it appears that she has some sort of portfolio in her hands, so those are three things in her favor from where I'm sitting. But back to the issue of uniqueness and Asian models, Asian models are a minority anyway, so being the MOST unique looking Asian that can possibly be found is almost a moot point. We just need more from the minority groups of modeling in general, plain and simple. I wish her the best of luck.


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