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Tyler Riggs


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:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: Oh my god!!!

these pictures are awesome! thank you :)

who is the photograpgher ? i need more of him/her!!! i'm in love of hiw/her style

You're welcome, they are amazing photos. :heart:

Sorry, it didn't mention the photographers name. :(

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so i will try to find the photographer's name by myself because i can't count on Tyler...

he hasn't problem to answer at something not really interesting... but when i ask him a question about his job (the photographers name's of the pictures above with sofi.) he is not able to answer... nice education!

Very sorry, I looked on their website and one of their previous campaigns what shot by a photographer by the name of Boogie... .

His website is here. :)

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Hey this is a video of TYLER, Cole Mohr, Jamie Jewitt, Danny Schwarz, Ceser Casier, Sean O'pry Bastiaan Ninaber all for JD Vision. With Vlad & Drew in the Background!

Thanks for the vid. :)

They all seem like a fun group of guys. :D

i love this video. thank you.

i didn't know the video was on youtube, i was it on model.com but i couldn't copy the video's link :cry:

another video with Tyler.

it make me laugh to see him here because when i was 16/18 years old i was often in this nightclub XD but usully it's full of businessmen, princes, celebrities and escort girls... :laugh: some nights 80% of girls were escort girls. :sex:

that's funny to see my favourite models there but i think the nightclub's decor has changed...

Thank you!

I've seen that video before but the audio didn't match the vid so I stopped it right away. :)

It's okay! :hug: They're great pictures :heart: , thanks! :D

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maybe one day i should repost his work XD

someone has his new work with Chadwick or i will be obligated to sexual harass him ? i talk about chadwick, not Riggs. this last has been enought traumatised by my last mail... :wacko: :rofl:

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