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This is a simple update on the current plans and things we're currently working on.

This current forum system is temporary. I am busy setting up a new one with all the features people have requested (Mark all posts as read, flags, subforums, etc, etc). When I have this set up - probably by the end of today - i will transfer all posts, users, etc to that one. the change will be seamless apart from perhaps a few minutes downtime.

Neo is busy setting up the rules. If you have any suggestions or questions PM him.

The name is not permanent. If you want to suggest one, do so in the names thread.

The smileys are probably permanent though I will upload new ones.

Any other questions? :happy:

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we have said that we would be making changes. i had made a thread so you guys not to start any new topics but you guys did. all will be archived. all posts will be archived. cantor if you remember your post count we will recover it. i know you post more then a hundred posts.

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I am soo confused. Are we still going to use the new 1.1 forum board? I guess you guys are still working on that new board, like fixing the bugs? Because no one is really posting there or are you not suppose to? :unsure: Right now I really don't like that new one cuz it's slow. I hope it will be much faster.

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great job guys, i think we should stay with this but the color(#161616 would be great) and subforum's content tables (theyr still 780pixels) imho :rolleyes:

yeah i know wer demending too much but we want this perfect coz heres gonna be our place from now on. i hope you understand, we all appreciate what you did and doing, thx again :heart: :happy:

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forget the new one for now. currently we're keeping with this. we may upgrade to PHPBB2.2 when it comes out.

Ok, thanks spark for the info. I am about to fix the imageshack links thats broken..


Btw if anyone sees that there imageshack thumbnail links are broken -

go to the link and you will see this: ℑ. So what you need to do is just..

replace this:

with this:

try it. :)

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