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Queeny van der Zande


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:chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

You didn't tell me!!! Those are awesome, love the third one :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!: :hell yea!:


Oh, well, I forgot :blush: ... you know it's because I'm old now, dear, can't do anything against it ... :shifty:

And thanks for the pics, palmtree!

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DS dec jan 09

scanned by jey47key



translation by mariemaud

Full of energy, the 16 years old Dutch with a queen's name has just started her career last summer yet already developped true self - confidence. Good vibes and and a single demand: "runways or photoshootings, I like both as long as music is rocking ! I love Guns n' Roses, Kiss, Jimmy Hendrix, Peal Jam, Nirvana & the Sex Pistols."

She laughs: " I admit it I am really into rock ! "

Queeny speaks and her eyebrows are dancing above her eyes: her very expressive face changes every minute.

She explains: "modelling can breed a lot of pressure, that's why it's necessary to concentrate on what really counts and to be able to relax even in the worst conditions. You have to stay strong during castings, not to get intimidated. Unlike many other models I keep on smiling, anytime. This job makes me happy !"

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