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Ni hao!


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I actually don't speak Mandarin Chinese. *pats Wiki on the back* Well. My name is ______ but call me Avann. You'll never guess what it means. Hint: It's not my name. I'm dead serious too :ninja: I'm new. Obviously. I joined because this place looks very cool and I can't join The Fashion Spot. I didn't say that, I swear! Not telling you my age but I'm old enough to be here ;D That's all you need to know.

Favorite models:

Tanya D.

Freja Beha Erichson

Sasha Pivovarova

Raquel Zimmerman

Du Juan

Gwen Loo

Anja Rubik

David Gandy [who doesn't like him?]

Jon Kortajarena

Sean Opry

Edit: Oh! Miro Moer....something. The one with the tattoo :laugh:

And that's it? This was too long. I'm sorry y'all had to read it :laugh:

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