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Adrianne Palicki


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Adrianne Palicki (b. May 6, 1983, Toledo, Ohio) is an American actress who currently stars as Tyra Collette on the NBC television series Friday Night Lights.


She appeared in the Aquaman-based WB pilot Mercy Reef as an evil siren, but the pilot was not picked up for series by the CW network, a result of The WB and UPN network merger, which occurred while the pilot was being filmed.

Other television credits include Smallville as Kara in the season 3 finale ("Covenant"). Palicki also starred in Supernatural as Jessica Moore, Sam Winchester's doomed girlfriend, killed by a demon, in its pilot episode. The character reappears in the Supernatural season 2 episode, "What is and What Never Should Be". Palicki also appeared as Judy Robinson in John Woo's unsold pilot, The Robinsons: Lost in Space. Palicki made an appearance in the music video by Will.i.am called "We Are The Ones" in support of 2008 presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

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My friends and I always keep a photo of our characters for our stories, and then when we go more in depth, we have older versions. Normally I'm super good at this, but I'm deciding to cheat. :banghead: Any help? As of now, her older look-a-like is Charlize Theron...but I'm just not feeling it. So I was hoping I could go to some experts. Any ideas? She must be blonde, petite, and pretty. She works as an office assistant (if that helps). Contact me for any more info. :) Thanks in advance! :thumbsup: :wub: :wub: P.S. Photos of older and younger are below.



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