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The Happy Thread


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I figured if there was a bitch thread there should be a thread to write about the good things that happen. Surprisingly optimistic of me I know I'm a little frighten too.

I'll be transferring to a much cheaper college soon so I quit one of my jobs today. Feels like a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders. I also bought an incredibly sexy and cute lingerie baby doll and thong set and that always makes a woman happy. ;)

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Don't give Neo a heart attack! :laugh:

Anyways, my tooth finally stopped hurting which is a definite good thing.


heart attacks run in my family....that isnt a happy thing but...

...today is my last day of school. :fun:

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umm.... my 47 year old 2nd cousin who went through a very bad marriage and is now divorced... is inlove! she has a boyfriend! it's so cute... she acts like a teenager :laugh: she was all jumping up and down when my mom told her that she knew the guy :laugh:... i don't know... it made me happy :fun: i wanna be inlove again now

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i still have a month and a half until summer break and i walk for graduation. but NY starts later than most other states, and we have the highest education standards in the country, it i guess it balances out. college finished yesterday though

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