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Discovered by Luc Plamondon singing American blues tunes in small Sherbrooke bars, he was drafted by Plamondon to play the role of Quasimodo in his musical Notre-Dame de Paris, making him a star. After the musical, he managed to launch a successful international pop music career in Quebec, France, and many other European countries. His looks and hoarse voice, as well as the virility that he combines with a boyish charm, brought many to see him as a major modern day sex symbol. In 2000, Garou recorded a duet with Celine Dion called "Sous le Vent." For his first album in english, Garou cooperated with some of the biggest names in music. The single "Stand Up" was written by Rob Thomas, the song "First Day of My Life", a big hit all over Europe in 2006 for former Spice Girl Melanie C, by Guy Chambers and Enrique Iglesias.

He is currently dating French singer Lorie.



I am SO in love with this man!

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dont get deseperate there will be more ppl who will visite the thread i ve been doing bisbal thread like for some days now and no one replied but i am really pleased to intoduce him to more ppl he's the best for me and i won't give up even if no one will replay heh :whistle:

he's my baby and im enjoying doing his thread :blush:


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