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Euzebiusz "Ebi" Smolarek

double blush

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OMG no topic for Ebi, gotta fix that ;)

He's a GREAT player and a cutie too, so yeah, here goes!

Euzebiusz "Ebi" Smolarek; born January 9, 1981 in Łódź, Poland, is a Polish footballer who currently plays for the Polish national football team and Racing de Santander, as a striker or winger. Smolarek is the son of another Polish international, Włodzimierz Smolarek. He was named after the Portuguese football player great Eusébio da Silva Ferreira.

A Polish international since 2002, Smolarek was selected for the 2006 FIFA World Cup but failed to score any goals.

He was Poland's (and group A's) top scorer in UEFA Euro 2008 qualifying scoring 9 goals, including a hat-trick against Kazakhstan in Warsaw (he scored more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo in the qualifiers :blush: ).

In a memorable feat, he was the first Pole to score a goal against Portugal in 20 years, the previous one being by his father. :heart:

Now onto the piccies!

Sportlife, May/June 2008


I LOVE this one, so cute :blush: post-17408-0-1446127405-00488_thumb.jpg

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Ebi played with some local school kids in Warsaw, Poland on May 20 :)

post-17408-0-1446127411-04355_thumb.jpg post-17408-0-1446127411-05644_thumb.jpg post-17408-0-1446127411-08304_thumb.jpg th_bc99b16674095.gif/monthly_05_2008/post-17408-0-1446127411-09427_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4485803" alt="post-17408-0-1446127411-09427_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="159.16"> post-17408-0-1446127411-10831_thumb.jpg post-17408-0-1446127411-1398_thumb.jpg post-17408-0-1446127411-1559_thumb.jpg th_26e8146674101.gif/monthly_05_2008/post-17408-0-1446127411-16455_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4485807" alt="post-17408-0-1446127411-16455_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="72.6"> post-17408-0-1446127411-19294_thumb.jpg th_4c5e956674105.gif/monthly_05_2008/post-17408-0-1446127411-21808_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4485809" alt="post-17408-0-1446127411-21808_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="72.6"> post-17408-0-1446127411-22455_thumb.jpg post-17408-0-1446127411-23095_thumb.jpg th_f7a9cb6674110.gif/monthly_05_2008/post-17408-0-1446127411-23744_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="4485812" alt="post-17408-0-1446127411-23744_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="159.16"> post-17408-0-1446127411-24395_thumb.jpg

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