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  1. Thank you! What magazine is that from?
  2. Obviously being a madridista you would say that, but he was pushed. Even before leaving for Brasil's trainings he stated that he wanted to stay in Milan, but Galliani went to Perez and cut a deal. I don't blame him for leaving though, after all if you're not wanted then it's no longer fun... "Why would a team like AC Milan let go of their creativity machine?" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. Very sweet! By the way, the whole transfer drama is back ... Hope he stays at Milan where he belongs
  4. double blush


    HQs /monthly_05_2009/post-17408-0-1446082426-65976_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3686094" alt="post-17408-0-1446082426-65976_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="65.95">
  5. I'm not feeling the hair. Thanks for posting!
  6. Thanks Aga. The game was so depressing
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing him in Milan...
  8. double blush


    Good for him. If it wasn't working then it's better to split.
  9. This is ridiculous. So he went out, big deal. The media like to make a scapegoat out of him.
  10. According to news reports in Spain he is dating an actress Amaia Salamanca.
  11. double blush


    Haha! Thanks for the pics!
  12. I just found those and thought I'd share Fernando Torres in Madrid, February 9 2009 [HQ] Credit me if you use: http://doubleblush.livejournal.com
  13. I googled her and she looks pretty. Prettier than Eva. You chose the worst photo
  14. Really Marc Jacobs turned a classy & chic parisian label into an all american tacky look that is neither classy or chic just expensive! Ad Gucci too, have become so tacky who wants to walk around dressed like a COWBOY IN LONDON?? I was talking about bags, I don't really follow their clothing lines I love the bags though.
  15. Holy sexiness Batman - those beach pics - yum! Thanks!
  16. Umm... I think both sides benefit from it. Beckham gets to play the REAL football (let's be honest, US football can't compete with European) and Milan gets some extra publicity
  17. double blush


    Yeah, there are pics in which she looks like his mother, lol.
  18. They broke up long time ago, where have you been? lol I didn't like Eli so it was good news to me. I think he's single and enjoying it at the moment Aga, thanks for the piccies!
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