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Death Metal


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hoooooly shit, i just wrote (for the second time!!!) a story about how good the dillinger escape plan are, and how they make any other musical act known to man seem literally like a 3 year banging on a toy xylophone (the story actually involved pre-historic animals...)

Then my friend gave me a link to some ridiculous tickle-model... and the story was erased - that is the evil of the fastreply.

Anyway.... fuck, I like Strapping Young Lad too.

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Nile (My fav!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I recently discovered them for myself... Man, those guys are awesome, if you like that sort of music.

Here's a pretty cool video for "Sarcophagous"...


"Sarcophagous" is a great video! I have more videos of them, but I can't upload now :( I'm not at home...

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Most bands I read in this thread I really don't consider Black Metal...

I consider them more of a just Metal..

But still great bands..

Here are some the the few bands I listen to:

Death Metal/Black Metal:



Black Dahlia Murder

Dark Tranquility

Cradle of Filth





Limbonic Art






Bury Your Dead

In Flames

Well these are just a couple..

Sorry if i went overboard :p

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The only death metal bands I like are Cynic and Death, but they were definitely 'prog' in what they did, especially Cynic.
You might like Atheist. I haven't heard much of their stuff, but from what I know it's quite prog/jazz-like.

I'm quickly becoming a death metal whore. Opeth are my favorite, but beyond that I like Death, Nile, Strapping Young Lad, Meshuggah, Cynic, Atheist, Alarum and some others. I might even try to get my hands on some of that old stuff like Morbid Angel.

Black metal seems to have a lot of garbage, in my opinion. There are amazing bands like Agalloch and Wintersun that could be called "black metal," but the pure stuff like Dimmu Borgir and Immortal just annoys me. Even if I enjoyed the sounds, the excessive glorification of Satan turns me off.

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