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Death Metal


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Yeah, so I'm a death metal fan. Anyone here also into this brutal genre? :D

My favourite bands are:





Morbid Angel


I'm also into grind and my favourite band is, the one, the only: PIG DESTROYER!!!!

And can anyone answer this question for me:

Who is the heaviest most brutal death metal band on the planet? - literally.

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Then answer my question:

Who is the heaviest most brutal death metal band on the planet?

And Qball, nice choice :D


humm.... its stupid but probs this band called Anal Vomit...they are just crazy..they are complete shit tho.. :laugh: listen..




Gorerotted and Dying Fetus are pretty brutal aswell....and they actually sound good. not like that crap ^^ lol

My friend is in a death metal band called Trench Head BTW , they rule :)

will post some of their stuff.

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Woo hoo! About time someone posted a thread about death metal. I like the following bands...


Cannibal Corpse



Amon Amarth

some Unleashed

Morbid Angel

Arch Enemy





The Berzerker

Hate Eternal


And the list just goes on and on!

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Thanks K L. I can't download those tracks though, there's a firewall protecting the server, and I cannot get around it :(

You say Gorerotted, I haven't heard of them. Someone said to me that Disorge is quite brutal, what do you guys think?

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Children of Bodom are melodic death metal. They're like a combiantion of Dream Theatre and In Flames :D Death Metal has low growling vocals combined with fast and bassy riffing, with insanely fast drumming. Famous Death Metal bands of note are:

Morbid Angel

Napalm Death




Once you've heard those and enjoyed them, then you're a death metal fan. I haven't heard Lamb of God and I think they're death metal too. Melodic death is a sub-genre of death metal, but it's not as heavy. Children of Bodom still kicks major ass though :D

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uh then fear factory fallls under this category too :laugh: i fucking love fear factory and i've gotten everyone around me hooked on at least one of their songs. everyone. 2 amazing songs and incredibly heavy songs by them: 0-0 (where evil dwells) and concreto....both with insane drums

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I gotta say i do like the more melodic stuff.. children of bodom and arch enemy just rule!!

i think the more melodic bands usally have more talent. esp. most of their guitarists

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Discostu: Fear factory is Industrial. They've got death metal influences (the double bass, the growing vocals) but they're not pure death. Listen to Nile and you'll have a good idea of what death metal is :D

And ImmortallyInsane, I know what you're saying! Even though i like melody, the brutality is just amazing! I love it specifically because it kicks my ass. It's like going through a warhammer factory (y'know, like Mauls) and they're testing the warhammers out on you! :laugh:

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