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  1. Christopher

    Death Metal

    Behemoth is actually the best Polish metal band, even better than well-known Vader, but you should also try Decapitated. I think soon they will be as known as Vader and Behemoth
  2. Christopher

    Death Metal

    you are rock (Y) TiamaT IS THE BEST..... Song:Gaia (Y) 'Gaia' is nice video, but 'original' video - 'Whatever that hurts' is better!!!
  3. Christopher

    Death Metal

    I recently discovered them for myself... Man, those guys are awesome, if you like that sort of music. Here's a pretty cool video for "Sarcophagous"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttD77LYSCiw "Sarcophagous" is a great video! I have more videos of them, but I can't upload now I'm not at home...
  4. Thank you very much OS I love last editorial Some covers :brows:
  5. Christopher

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    Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked - Sacrifice Unto Sebek
  6. You're very welcome Can I post pics directly from firstview? Propably no <_<
  7. Thank you Carrinka! Unfortunately I can't see pics in the first post
  8. Otwarte Archiwa July 2004 - Twoj Styl ph Marcin Tyszka Scanned by keske
  9. AMAYA ARZUAGA Fall 2005 http://www.firstview.com/WRTWfall2005/AMAY...AGA/00115.L.JPG http://www.firstview.com/WRTWfall2005/AMAY...AGA/00116.L.JPG http://www.firstview.com/WRTWfall2005/AMAY...AGA/00117.L.JPG Hotlinking is not allowed - edited by impel69
  10. AMAYA ARZUAGA Fall 2005 http://www.firstview.com/WRTWfall2005/AMAY...AGA/00053.L.JPG http://www.firstview.com/WRTWfall2005/AMAY...AGA/00054.L.JPG Hotlinking is not allowed - edited by impel69
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