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Trent Kendrick


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Trent Kendrick

Red Models-NY, Ford Europe, Fashion-Milan, Storm

Height: 6'2" / 188cm

Chest: 38" / 98cm

Waist: 30" / 76cm

Shoes: 10 / 44

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Age: 18

Place of Origin: Johnson, Kansas (USA)

Ethnic Origin: German & Irish.

Birthsign: Capricorn.

How discovered: I always thought about getting into modeling, especially when I was approached by some local agencies in my state. I decided after awhile to skip the second and third market stuff and see if I could fit in somewhere at the top. I researched the top agencies on Models.com and submitted some pics. George, at Red, contacted me, but told me I needed to tone up and get in shape. I busted my butt and resubmitted in 5 weeks and got signed. Two weeks after I signed the contract, I got a call from George saying I needed to get to NY ASAP. I got everything ready and was about to come to NY when George called and said, "Things have changed...You're going to Germany to do a Hugo Boss show!" I also have already been to Paris & back. It's all been crazy from there!

Favorite things: I enjoy tons of things - traveling, reading, hanging w/ friends, playing basketball, drinking Starbucks, being w/ family, etc.

Favorite music, band: Umm...Hard question. I like all kinds of music but it's probably a toss-up between Dashboard Confessional and Motion City Soundtrack.

Hobbies: Playing sports, sketching, playing cards.

Person who inspires you: My parents...they've given me so much and I love 'em to death.

Place you'd love to visit: Cancun, Mexico - on Spring break




Many thanks to MH :heart:

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Quote :In a season that started in January in Paris, then went on to Milan and is now in NY......

Trent Kendrick has walked more that 30 shows combined in all 3 cities. He's decided to take some time away from college to model full time.He will be stomping the editorial pages in the months to come and sure a few campaigns.

photos: David Roemer

stylist: Darren Kinoshita


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