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Jae Joong

Bboy TYS

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I take my words back, their Japanese is perfect, only one of the members has a light Korean accent- it's acceptable :laugh: I love this group so much, beautiful voices and faces, but nobody in the world can compete against Jae-Joong...I talk about his beauty :drool: he's the kind of men you see only on the screen or in your dreams :o his beauty brings tears to my eyes :cry: damn Xiah for giving him the idea to dye his hair to blond :persuazn:

before = :wub:

post-3083-1224332178_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332206_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332223_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1224332237_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332283_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332305_thumb.jpg

after = ...who am I kidding? still :wub:

post-3083-1224332366_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332381_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332390_thumb.jpg

post-3083-1224332415_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332438_thumb.jpg post-3083-1224332463_thumb.jpg

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Yay another k-pop/-jpop fan here! :) I love Jae Joong's blonde hair. It looks like he turned super saiyan from all that hardwork in singing and performing hehe. Nice you got DBSK's new pics =). DBSK just got shown on a Chilean TV. It looks like Jae Joong's fanbase is gonna get big in South America :)


Btw, I like DBSK's old looks like when they first debuted. Xiah's hair back then was better than now. Now the rest of the group looks more backstreet than typical asian boyband style. Anyways, they still look cool.

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they have fans here too(Israel) :) ...their latest album came out on September the 26th! :o I'm so slow :trout:' "MIROTIC" is currently the best selling album of 2008 in Korea '- wikipedia :clap: I love their new look, Jae Joong's hair is darker now- gradually turning into black(I hope) :laugh:

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Thanks for the Mirotic version pics! I haven't heard much of DBSk in a long time. Did you know Sarah Connor did her version of Mirotic? It was called "Under My Skin". DBSK and Sarah Connor should work perform together on that song. That'd be the best version of the song! DBSK and Sarah Connor = The Best!

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* Name: 영웅재중 Hero / 英雄在中 Young Woong Jae Joong

* Also known as: Hero Jae Joong

* Real name: 김재중 / Kim Jae Joong

* Profession: Singer and actor

* Birthdate: 1986-Jan-26

* Birthplace: Chungnam, South Korea

* Height: 180cm

* Weight: 63kg

* Star sign: Aquarius

* Blood type: O

* Talent agency: SM Entertainment

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