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Ollie Edwards


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I LOVE this pic!! :drool: ...it's probably my favourite of his :wave: :heart:

:woot: :drool:

Good taste!!!

Wawww, another hotie!!! :clap:

Tell me, babe, how old ths hotie??? And more pics, PLZZZZZ!!!! :sex:

hey first of all, thanks for all the comments u have sent me.....and second, well i havent found Ollie's age yet...i came across him on MDC, and i checked him out at MH, but no info regarding his age...i'll post more pics soon!! i'm off to a basketball game now!!! talk soon, faget!!! :kiss: :wave:

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OMG!! thank you SOOOOOO much for updating my thread of Ollie!! i've neglected him far too long..didnt think he had any fans as nobody was commenting on anything i've posted in the past....well except my good friend, faget!! thanks again everybody!! you guys were tremendous help!!! :hug:

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